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In October 1852, an area of 5,868 acres of Crown Land was granted to a Voortrekker, Naud‘e, and was registered as Bosch Hoek under Grant No. 1219. This grant was subject to an annual quitrent of two pounds eighteen shillings and eight pence. Also the Grantees had to undertake to have the boundary's properly traced out, the average cost of which was in the order of eleven pounds, ten shillings per piece of land. The original Grant was sold off in portions from time to time as the Vootrekker families moved on to the North of the country. Livestock farming was the main enterprise but it was tough going. Fortunately wild game were plentiful and were selectively shot for rations. There are to this day a number of Bushbuck, Reedbuck and Duiker in the natural Yellowwood forest's and surrounding area. The last lion was shot in the district in 1856.  

In July, 1878 George Webster purchased 2,645 acres of Bosch Hoek and named the farm “Westfield”, the remaining portions of which are still in their family.

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  Quick Facts:

  • uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park occupies 243,000 hectares and declared World Heritage Site
  • Rare Golden Aribi Antelope and Wattled Crane can be seen in the area
  • Midlands Meander official symbol is the Butterfly


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